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Bad Warrior Curly Horse Preservation Project

only the best for us

Participation might involve any number of projects. Here, I have taken the liberty of listing several Warrior Horse owners and/or breeders that I know of who might be interested in participating with a preservation project, and who might have something valuable to contribute. This is just an initial invitee list, and will be more positively formed over time by your feedback and decisions. But this gives us a first look at some possibilities, and some potential directions we might be able to go together. Please join us if you are interested, and get involved. Or just let us know about any Warrior or stockhorse type Curlies you know about! Let's make something happen. Let's do something rather than discuss. Let's put some real effort toward restoring the abundance and integrity of the most outstanding (and the original) Curly Horse. Please email me at to add to this list, and update it, any time. Thank You!

Donna Grace Vickery
Crow Country Curly Horses
Bucking V Outfit, Roundup Montana
Limited access to 1999 grullo son of Seekers Warrior (range breeding on Standing Rock Reservation)
Warrior Wind ICHO-106D, ABC-465.5, DNA'd 1999 15 hh sorrel curly mare - DNA test - potential donor mare quality
Pasture in Roundup MT; 40 acres leased with year round spring, $60/mo + hay/supplement
Stagestop overnight pasture for traveling horses (Billings MT)
Access or networking with top select potential AQHA stallions and/or frozen semen for type preservation
LN2 semen or embryo storage tank, this is a 16-wk holding tank
Webdesign, internet presence, networking, history
Devoted to preservation of Warrior Curly Horses
Janice Voss-Crosby,
Twisted Oaks Farm
, Minnesota
Stagestop overnight stall for traveling horses (Minnesota)
Website presence, networking
Devoted to preservation of Warrior Curly Horses
Cody Killingsworth and Adena Warner
Land Run Curly Horses, Edmond Oklahoma
Warrior influenced horses
Homozygous curly dun stallion, excellent quality
train, ride & display curlies in public
Sheryl D'Uva
Cozy Nook Curly Horses, Colville Washington
Warrior horses originating from Donna
Has curlies trained and puts excellent quality curlies out in public
Website presence
Tracy Robinson-Dalke
Old West Curly Horses, Montana
Warrior horses originating from Donna:
Seekers Foxtail, by Seekers Warrior out of Hammrich mare
trains and rides curlies regularly, some public exposure
Dalena Potter
interested in directing breeding program to a larger and more marketable quality Curly Horse


This is a common sense notice for all members and interested parties, that probably does not need spelling out, but for all our sakes, we will spell these explanations out - all general members and participating members understand and agree to these expectations.

General Interest Membership:

Know about any Warrior or stockhorse type Curly Horses?? WE NEED YOU! If you know about a stockhorse type or bred Curly email Donna. If you are interested in this original old bloodline, we welcome your participation at any level.

The first requirement to preserve something is to find and identify those few that still exist. We are looking for any existing Curly Horses that are stockhorse type (phenotype) or carry significant amount of these rare bloodines (genotype). We need all the help we can get with this primary effort. Anyone who is willing to help with this fundamental effort will be considered general interest members (if you want to be!). General interest members are appreciated for helping identify those rare horses we are looking for, and are under no obligation for any further participation of any kind. In return for their help, we hope to offer general interest members crediting their program in our networking and publicity. We hope that in some small way can help repay them for their contribution in helping us locate any remaining Curly stockhorses whose conformation or bloodlines can contribute to the preservation effort.

Project Membership:
mare owned by Linda K Stermer - a Hammrich mare
Entering into any special Preservation Project would change a general interest member into a project member, for as long as the member participates in such a project.

Any potential project memberships will be wholly voluntary, and participants may join and leave projects according to their needs or wants, as long as no moneys are owed.

A project membership is an at-will cooperative effort. An at-will cooperative is at play when any member applies to join or is invited to join a particular project group, at the members' and/or director's will, and may be accepted for such membership by agreement with all parties. Project Members may quit the project at any time or be quit from project membership at any time without cause by the director and the membership as long as no debts or moneys are owed. Every member joins any preservation project cooperative with their interest in preserving Warrior horses, and with what they have to offer such projects. No current or retroactive assets, dues of any kind, contributions or resources are required or implied.

Ownership of tangible, blue sky and intangible assets, contributions and dues are loosely specified as listed above, and is subject to change. All such contributions are publicly listed here as general ideas, and can be applied toward actual preservation projects, such as stallion syndication, semen or embryo collection and storage, breedings, potential shared ownership in enrolled horses, pasture, transport, feed, veterinary care, farrier care, networking, advertising, and other preservation project expenses and efforts, as offered & agreed to by all concerned contributor and project members.

It is generally agreed and assumed, that when one says s/he will do something, one should follow through if at all possible. Members agree that no legal actions are allowed or shall be taken, in view of the fact that all moneys and/or contributions will be listed publicly from the outset on the membership dues page, which will constitute a running balance sheet of contributions and payment requests (not guaranteed but requests), and no contribution shall be accepted, offered or listed unless or until all parties are in agreement before such financial exchanges are made and posted on this (or Facebook) public website.

There is always risk in the horse business, of loss, disappointment, miscommunication, and disagreement. All possible negative scenarios must be thoroughly examined personally and discussed openly between all project members before any effort, implementation or expenditures occur. If something unfortunate or unplanned occurs, any or all of us are subject to tangible or intangible loss, and any such incident will be chalked up as yet another common loss in the horse business.

Money and breeding goals and results can be misconstrued or disappointing in reality. The underlying intent of preserving the most magnificent, intelligent and all-around usable Curly Horse bloodline in existence, however, is at stake. That must be the most important of our priorities, and at the core of our intentions. Any contributing member must be willing to risk only what s/he can afford to lose. I myself, have lost some of my greatest horses, and years of investment and money, at others' gain, through both unfortunate happenstance and even design. I personally have endured anguish and personal loss at the gain of others in previous dealings with this magnificent bloodline of Curly Horse. But my core value system and goals are not diminished by my losses.

Each member must decide for themself, if a preservation project can be a continued manifestation of losses or risks in the horse business, or, a program of hope, reversive balm and antidote of such. By all of our combined contributions, it is possible that not only the Warrior horses might benefit, it is possible that all participants could benefit greatly by joining efforts together to explore past and future ambitions.

If you are mostly interested in a preservation project for remuneration, or any type of personal gain, please do not join it. If you do not feel comfortable with the simple expectations you read about here, please do not join any project. If you are interested in any project for the benefit of the bloodline FIRST, and interested in potential personal benefit for yourself and your own privately owned horses SECOND, and promise not to bring or offer any drama (of which I, Donna Vickery and your fellow members will be the judge of), and be honest with all of us in all ways, PLEASE join us in any project. Any questions or concerns, feel free to discuss publicly on the Facebook page, or email me privately (


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