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Ongoing Projects ~ Project Proposals and Ideas

  • BNC Horses Reduction Sale:
    Ron Groves, Alberta Canada has a number of stockhorse bred and type Curlies for sale. He runs a 1999 grey stallion, Wyoming Free Spirit (above), sired by Bad Warrior and out of a daughter of the brown Holbrook Horse. Offering approximately 15 mares w/ WFS foals, and offspring for sale. Janice has gathered these photos of Ron's horses for us to have a look at. Member purchase of any stockhorse type Curlies Ron offers is urged! We are good at enabling! Possible stallion syndicate purchase is being discussed for Wyoming Free Spirit himself, (are you interested?) for breeding. If DNA tested negative for both (stockhorse and Arabian) panels of genetic disorders, collection and preservation of semen might be indicated. See Facebook page for current discussion.

  • Someone should network between Gus Cothran and Phil Sponenberg, and see if they can't get those 2 docs on the same page: foster an agreement as to the Curly Horse's breed status, and perhaps get the Livestock Breeds Conservancy to help protect the truly valuable genetics of the rare stockhorse lines (this idea was asked by Barbara Carroll who did not know LBC's old stand on curly breed status, but that led me to think of this...).

  • Standing Rock Reservation; Nokota x Curly Reduction Sale: Dave Archambault II runs Akicita sica (Lakota for Bad Warrior), a grullo son of Seekers Warrior, out of a solid brown APHA mare. His program is built around horses with bloodlines that trace back to Sitting Bull. He runs Akicita sica with Nokota mares. He has foals out of Nokotas by this Bad Warrior stud for sale, and Nokota mares for sale bred to this stud. Dave will accept a few mares for range breeding with his stallion each year, for $600 and $2/day pasture board. He does not have a large abundance of pasture, so is limited by that.

  • DNA Testing Cooperative Project. Donna Grace is figuring out what Curlies should be tested for what genetic disorder. Cooperation might become a tool, if one parent horse can be tested for mulitiple panels, costs can be shared, and if cleared, all progeny are cleared. We know that Nevada Red was a carrier for CA. (I don't think anyone has done any testing to know if he was also a carrier for LFS or SCID?) So far, we know that Seekers Warrior (who goes back to Nevada Red through the Holbrook Horse) was tested clear for CA, but was not tested for LFS or SCID. Any Seekers Warrior horse owner may wish to join in to test Seekers Warrior for LFS and SCID. If cleared, that clears all his descendants for carrying those genes. Any Curly with any other Nevada Red-descended ancestor, or any other Arabian lines, needs to be tested for the whole Arab panel (CA-LFS-SCID). We know that Warrior Lynx tested carrier for GBED. That means we need to test Twister (AQHA half-sister to Warrior Lynx, Twister is also out of Lynette Lynx - I am working on getting a hair sample from her) or if she is not still alive, we will need to test all Twister progeny for GBED and HERDA, because Lynette Lynx was probably the GBED carrier, and she also traces back to Poco Bueno (HERDA line). However, we could test Seekers Warrior for GBED and HERDA, to isolate if it was him or Lynette Lynx who carried GBED. To read the report I put together on genetic testing, and how it affects all Curly Horse lines, go here. The goal is to test for all possible genes, so that we never breed 2 carriers together (that gives a 25% chance of having a diseased foal). We can continue to use breed-improving individuals, as long as we always breed them only to tested clear horses, and as long as we continually test subsequent generations, and in that way, eventually eradicate the genes altogether, while preserving the excellent genetics we have in so few numbers today.

  • Reference Directories. Janice and I are currently gathering information on whereabouts of any possible living breeding age Bad Warrior or stockhorse type Curly stallions and mares. We need all the help we can get doing this. Would you help with this project? As we gather photos and pedigrees of any of these horses, I will enter them in our mare directory and our stallion directory (and I will keep links to these directories at bottom of all Bad Warrior Preservation Project pages). We are looking for and finding living Native American or stockhorse type Curlies with the help of the following owners and breeders:

    • Barbara Carroll, Texas - many mixed candidates retaining stockhorse type conformation, a few high % Warriors ~ successfully contacted, she is contributing to our directory by pointing me to the high% individual Curlies she owns, has sold, or knows about!
    • Annie Waldow, Montana - one curly mare, Dellah, daughter of Seekers Foxtail but I don't know who the sire is.
    • Tracy Robinson Dalke, Montana - Seekers Foxtail, SC daughter of Lynx Warrior Wind. Have been in contact, Tracy is interested, and still has a few Warrior horses from me; Tracy has lost a son this year, and is concentrating on getting her family through this tragedy.
    • Sheryl Ann D'Uva - daughter of Bad Warrior and 2 daughters of Seekers Warrior. Sheryl is not breeding any more foals for herself at this time; but she offers breeding rights annually out of her Bad Warrior mare for anyone interested in contributing to the preservation effort in this way. This is the last known producing daughter of Bad Warrior himself. She is a beautiful flaxen red dun.
    • Jeff & Gail Parker, WY. Have usually owned some Hammrich horses along with Dameles too.
    • Ron Gale, Alberta ~ has gotten out of breeding Curlies, and only has his riding horses left
    • Ron Groves, Alberta ~ has put up most of his Curlies for sale. He has an outstanding 1999 curly grey stallion for sale that is an own son of Bad Warrior, and is likely the last producing son of Bad Warrior in existence?
    • Dave Archambault II, Standing Rock Reservation, ND ~ is running a small band of horses with bloodlines that trace back to Sitting Bull - he sells curly foals by his son of Seekers Warrior each year to help pay for this breeding operation. Most are out of Nokota mares.
    • John Schweiger - whereabouts currently unknown - he used to work for the government in CA, and made frequent trips in the early 2000's buying up what was left of Ree Hammrich's and my Warrior horses after Ernie died. He took some to CA and also ran some on a big leased range pasture on the reservation in SD with a local guy named Tom. If anyone knows where John is and how to contact him, we would like to know if he still has any of these horses, or knows where they ended up.
    • Glenn (Conn?) (Connelly?) Sharon Williams former friend, who had Frostfires Big Mac (pure Berndt/Hammrich stud) in Indiana -and- the foal produced by him and the Berndt bred Curly Bear mare Jackie Richardson donated to Diamond Willow Ministry. Any word on that offspring? (maybe it is a gelding?)

  • Help Get More Warrior Horses into Preservation Program Members' Hands.

    • Members: Consider the possibility of trading an equal-value non-Warrior Curly Horse to someone who turns up owning a Warrior or stockhorse bred Curly, and has no interest in using it for bloodline and type preservation. If you own a good non-Warrior Curly, keep that in the back of your mind for potential trading for Warrior horses we find out there, "going-to-waste" (only meant as in, not contributing to any preservation project).

    • Current Owners of any stockhorse type Curly out there: If you are not committed to the preservation efforts yourself, would you consider selling your stock type Curly to one of us, or trade it with one of us for an equal value Curly Horse that you would enjoy just as much, or make just as much money with as your stockhorse Curly?

      Thank you for all your considerations toward preserving this vanishing bloodline of Curly Horses!


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