May 2014
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Wyoming Free Spirit
sire: Bad Warrior sire: Range Twist stud sire: QH Hard Twist
dam: QH
dam: Miss Berndt Warrior sire: Berndt stud
dam: Berndt mare

dam: Warriors Sally Gal

sire: Chases Sage Seeker

sire: the Holbrook Horse
dam: range mare

dam: range mare

sire: range stud
dam: range mare
For Sale: Wyoming Free Spirit, 1999 grey curly stallion, owned by Ron Groves, BNC Curly Horses, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada. Bred by Ernest Hammrich! This guy really needs to be purchased and used by a pure preservationist. A stallion syndicate is being discussed among Janice, Donna, Angie, and possibly a few others. Let us know how much you would be interested in contributing, and what you would want out of it. See more about possible syndication on the projects page.

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sire: Warrior Coyote Crow Horse sire: Warriors Black Velvet sire: Warrior Range King
dam: Warriors Sue Queen
dam: Red Curly Sue sire: Seekers Warrior
dam: Sages Classy Gal
dam: Warrior Seek Grace sire: Seekers Warrior sire: Chases Sake Seeker
dam: Warrior Berndt Sue
dam: Warrior Queen sire: Bad Warrior
dam: grey range mare
Warrior Seek Justice ABC-3675, 2007 grullo curly stallion, solid Hammrich breeding; owned by Cody Killingsworth and Adena Warner, Land Run Curly Horses, Oklahoma. Bred by Stag Creek Farm, TX. Being that Justice is an extreme curly, and a high quality full Hammrich bred stallion, he could be bred to as many high quality stockhorse mares of outside breeds as possible, and contribute greatly (all his babies would be heterozygous curlies) to the preservation effort.

sire: Warriors Big Sioux sire: Bad Warrior sire: Holbrook Horse
dam: Damele mare
dam: QH mare sire: Chuckaway Reed?
dam: QH mare
dam: Schimm'l Von Krauseln sire: Spotted Cossack sire: ApHC
dam: Dineros QT
dam: Panky sire: unknown
dam: unknown
DCC Sioux Warrior ABCR-2451; ICHO-432D, 2009 grey + grullo curly stallion, owned by: Annise Finch, Deer Creek Farms, Troy (central) TX. Shipped semen available.

sire: Seekers Warrior sire: Chases Sage Seeker sire: Holbrook Horse
dam: Damele mare
dam: Warriors Berndt Sue sire: dun QH
dam: Miss Berndt Warrior
dam: APHA brown mare sire: APHA stud sire: APHA stud
dam: APHA mare
dam: APHA mare sire: APHA stud
dam: APHA mare
Akiticta sica (Lakota for Bad Warrior), 2009 grullo curly stallion, owned & bred by: Dave Archambault II, Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation, ND. Dave would accept a limited number of mares to run with this stallion for a stud fee and daily mare care. Dave also has foals and a few Nokota mares bred to this stallion for sale, to support his small Sitting Bull heritage horse herd.

sire: Seekers Warrior sire: Chases Sage Seeker sire: Holbrook Horse
dam: Damele mare
dam: Warriors Berndt Sue sire: dun QH
dam: Miss Berndt Warrior
dam: AQHA Lynette Lynx sire: Lynx Nomad sire: Docs Lynx
dam: Otoes Cherie
dam: Classy Sarita sire: Classy Bar
dam: Dears Lady
Warrior Lynx, dun curly stallion, owned by Trevor Hall, UK, bred by Crow Country Curly Horses, MT; GBED recessive carrier (Ah! the nickname "Trouble" finally makes sense). Photo shows Betsy Lirakis enjoying "Lazy" a few years ago, during his stopover when he was bound for his overseas flight. This stallion has a temperament that cannot be beat.

information about this directory for visitors and for mare owners

      • Click stallions' thumbnails to open larger photos (when available).
      • Stallions' names will link to or his page on owner's website. If you are the stallion owner, please be sure his pedigree is entered on allbreedpedigree. Owners are also requested to enter the stallion's genetic testing results in the "info" area of allbreedpedigree as soon as available.
      Please email me photos and pedigree information on your stock type Curly stallion to be included in this directory - it is hard for me to get the info off of facebook, so please email them directly to me, thanks.

      This directory includes Curly Horse stallions with stockhorse conformation. The goal is to include all known living, breeding-age curly (or SC) stallions that have:
      • Warrior bloodlines and distinct stockhorse-type conformation or
      • other bloodlines with distinct stockhorse-type conformation
      In the case of stallions, it is pretty important to use stallions with true stockhorse type conformation when the goal is the preservaton of stockhorse type Curly Horses. Remember to watch for:
      • thickness of muscling with good muscle expression
      • length of hip with some slope to the croup
      • long well-sloped shoulders with well-formed withers
      • clean arching neck, smooth clean shoulder attachment
      • all Curly Horse breed traits
When choosing a stallion for your curly mare, make a choice that will not risk any Curly Horse traits. See the outside breed stallion directory for some good photo examples of the type of stockhorse stallions that would be a tremendous value breeding stockhorse curly mares for the preservation effort. Never hesitate to consult with breeders (of any equine breed, etc., that you trust and respect) that can give valuable input to equine conformation breeding choices. In this market, we all try to be as responsible as possible when breeding, while supporting preservation efforts.

      All stallions really must be genetic-tested as soon as their owners are able, and until tested, should only be bred to tested clear mares. Read the report on genetic testing to learn which genetic diseases and disorders exist, and what panels your stallion should be tested for, and how to responsibly manage breeding any recessive gene carriers that are discovered. Don't fear it - just inform yourself. Together we can preserve this lovely bloodline, while limiting and then eradicating any genetically inheritable disorders over the generations.

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