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August 2013 Your New Horse Magazine

August 2013 issue of the
Your New Horse Magazine


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American Curly Sporthorse stallion, Xqwisit Dr. McDreamy, and adult amateur rider Dustin Goetz, got a full page photo in the 2013 American Eventing Championships in Eventing USA magazine! Way to go boys!


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Horse Illustrated November 2012

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Summer 2012 - American Livestock Magazine issue featured an article "Discover the American Curly Horse, Equine of Your Dreams" by Janice Voss-Crosby. Click the image above for popup page with links to the article and to see the Curly Horse Marketing Co-op ads that accompanied the article in that issue.


December 2011 issue of Equine Journal;
This is the ad that was run by the Curly Horse Marketing Co-op. Everything you ever wanted to know to make your wildest dreams come true... Unique, Wonderful, Charismatic, Hypoallergenic!




Spirit of a Rare Breed

"Follow the fictional adventures of Samantha Steele and her friend Addie as they work to introduce their Curly horses into the world of established horse breeds.

by Sandy Howell, West Ridge Farm Publishing


Nevada's Mystery Horses. A published work by Carol Erickson about the Curly Horse; historical information provided by ABCR registry founders: Learn how the Curly Horse was discovered in Nevada, propagated, and loved by all who meet them! You do not need to be a horse lover to enjoy this historical account of their very unique natural traits. 27 vintage and original photos! Available at: www.Amazon.com, www.CreateSpace.com. Signed copies available at: www.ericksonartstudio.com. Now available with Kindle Lending Library!!

Trudy and Ripple

Artist drawing of Trudy Nicholson, from photo of her when she was a young girl with her friend, the curly mare named Ripple.


since Oct 2013


Discover the Curly Horse ~ you are in for the ride of your life!

Few equine breeds have been the subject of more misinformation or misperception than the Curly Horse. Some say the Curly Horse is one of the most mysterious and best kept secrets of the equine world. Curly Horses truly are unique and amazing. This website is dedicated to those who are new to this breed. Throughout this website we will take a look at what we know and think we know about this most unusual member of the equine world.

The Curly Horse is not an old established breed, in the strictest scientific sense, but they are certainly an evolving breed. Dominant gene Curly Horses should have and pass on a unique cluster of core genetic traits:
Barbwire, Montana

  • Curly and/ or soft hypoallergenic hair
  • Durable bone, hard feet, overall strong, sturdy conformation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Character: "Braveheart" highly intelligent, thinking and willing with high work ethic
  • Temperament: unusually calm, curious, friendly
  • Genetically healthy; low incidence of heritable disease

The Curly Horse is not a long-established pure breed. But they definitely qualify as a breed by most definitions (Gus Cothran et al.), and certainly an evolving breed by anyone's definition. They are significantly different from other breeds of horses: They possess and pass down a set of core genetic traits uniquely their own.

It is generally accepted that all dominant gene Curly Horses of North America descend from wild horse herds. Originating in the wild, they are naturally hardy, efficient and intelligent. They still have all the expected wild horse survival traits of natural good health, durable bone and hard feet. Although originating in the wild, most Curly Horses are unlike other wild horses in that they are born surprisingly calm and friendly by nature.

Discovered in the wild and bred for over a century now by mankind, they have been selected and used with just about all other existing types and breeds of horses native to North America, for all purposes. Curlies come in nearly every size & type including sporthorse, gaited, draft, stockhorse & pony. They come in every equine color and coat pattern. Some have long manes and tails, and some have scanty or "singed" manes or tails. Their curly coats are truly hypoallergenic (proven by scientific testing and over a century of anecdotal evidence) and Curlies are the mount of choice for many happy allergic horse lovers.


As you discover and learn about the Curly Horse, be aware that a certain amount of outdated & inaccurate information still circulates in published books, private and commercial websites and even in freshly posted blogs. Facts can fall behind when innocent older theories circulate faster than their current proven updates can keep up with. So give yourself plenty of time to research the Curly Horse and stay open-minded while you learn.



Traits & General Breed Standard

  • photo primer of Curly Horse breed traits
  • brochure / handout of Curly Horse traits (non-partisan)
  • photos of curls - Curly Coat types, Eyelashes, Manes & Tails, Ears, Fetlocks etc
  • Dominant gene Curly Horses
  • Recessive gene Curly Horses
  • Extreme Curly Horses
    • discussion of homozygous
    • discussion of heterozygous
  • Smooth Coat (SC) Curly Horses (an oxymoron - which is also hypoallergenic)
  • For every rule there is an exception. Disclaimers and mysteries.

    Types & Type Standards

  • General (non-specialized saddle horse) - the majority of the Curly Horse population
  • Sporthorse Curlies - bred specifically for dressage & sport event disciplines
  • Stockhorse Curlies - bred specifically for ranchwork
  • Gaited Curly Horses - soft gaited horses of various conformations & bloodlines
  • Curly Ponies - from miniature horses up to 14 hh
  • Curly Drafters (homestead or draft-influenced) type


    Yesterday and Today

  • History - the Damele Curly Horses
  • Native American Curly Horses
  • History - Gaited Curly Horses
  • Today's worldwide distribution
  • Curly Horse Worldwide Directory

    Curly Horse Terms

  • Bashkir: the Bashkir Horse of Russia is not a Curly Horse, nor is it related
  • What defines a breed?
  • Breed terminology: full, pure, crossbred, foundation, etc.
    • a developing breed: there are no 100% Curlies in existence
    • the terms pure and percentage cannot apply to Curly Horses...
    • so if it is misinformation to say "purebred Bashkir Curly"...
    • what terms will work for the Curly Horse breed?
  • Glossary of Curly Horse Terms and Definitions

    Curly Horse Science - Genetics & Research

  • Dominant and Recessive: Simple Mendelian Genetics
    • Dominant gene Curly Horses
    • Recessive gene Curly Horses

  • DNA Tests for Genetic Diseases in Horses

  • the Hypoallergenic Curly Horse
    • Scientific Research Data on the Hypoallergenic Curly Horse
    • Hypoallergenic Smooth Coat Curly Horses
    • How to Collect Curly Horse Hair Samples for Testing Allergies
    • What the Allergic Horse Lover Needs to Know About Curlies

  • the Red Blood Cell myth - Curly Horses are no different from other breeds

    Curly Horse Projects & Topics

    Curly Horse Marketing Co-op
  • The Curly Horse Marketing Cooperative
    Project developed and administered by Janice Voss-Crosby. A cooperative effort between breeders to effectively pool resources and funding for major advertising and promotion efforts. Current and previous ad campaigns are kept on display on the left side of this page.

  • The Bad Warrior Preservation Project
    Stockhorse type (Hammrich) Curly Horses and/or Native American (Berndt, Bad Warrior) bloodline Curly Horses; Project organized and administered by Donna Grace Vickery. A cooperative effort between owners, breeders and fans of the oldest known bloodline of Curly Horse. These ranchy horses have all but gone extinct, and a restoration project will have a better chance of success with a group effort.

  • The UNITY PROJECT: Should the Registries Merge? Would one united Curly Horse registry represent the Curly Horse more professionally and with more credibility? What risks could such a merger involve? See the Survey taken by most of the Curly Horse Industry, the results, the concerns. Contact your area representative to weigh in.

    Articles, Reports, Essays & Editorials

  • DNA Tests for Genetic Diseases in Horses. There are a number of equine heritable disorders that can be tested by sending in a hair sample and small fee to a genetic testing lab. Breed-related, heritable diseases can occur in many American breeds. See which ones are of concern to your bloodline of Curly Horse.
  • What Curly Horse traits could be lost through out-crossing?
  • Ethics, responsible breeding, rescue, horse slaughter


Links in development now; other links and resources on the web of interest to the Curly Horse industry.




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lost mare
ISO: Looking for Sierra, a chestnut mare. She was sold in Arizona in 2010, to persons unknown, by folks who were not her owner of record (Jim & Debbie Trent, TNT Quarter Horses and Paints, Wilcox AZ). She is probably still in Arizona. She was sold as a grade QH riding mare, but she has soft hair and is probably hypoallergenic. She is in fact a 2000 SC Curly chestnut mare, sired by an AQHA Weiscamp stallion (Skips Lil Dodger, 1982 sorrel 15.3 stallion that stood at the Dusty A Ranch, Benson AZ) and out of a curly mare (Sugar B ABC-965, a 1987 bay curly mare bred by Jim & Bonnie Brathovde in Camp Verde AZ). Her original owner misses her terribly. In looking for this beloved mare, re-acquisition would be a miracle, but just knowing her whereabouts (maybe a foal from her some day) would be wonderful. Email Carol Pascal-Vance for more photos, or with any questions or information. Thank you!
Curly model horse for sale
American Curly Horse
TGF Toys - Bullyland Farm Life Collection

Approximately 4-1/4" tall and 5-3/4" long.
Ages 3 & up

Release Year: 2008
item #: 62670
price: $6.99 + $5.99 shipping


     Trudy Nicholson is the author of "Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station", a children’s chapter book about a curly-coated horse.
      "I had a curly horse as a child and have not seen any others in New Zealand. She was the inspiration for my popular series (6 books) with Penguin in 2009. The books have been relaunched with a new publisher this month. As a child I was horse mad. I always wanted a pony but my parents wouldn’t buy me one. My brother’s friend had the curly out on their farm, no one could do much with her and she was difficult to catch, and didn’t much like being ridden... I was only 11 and biked all the way to the paddock to meet this pony. I can remember 2 men working on a tractor and I introduced myself and directed me to the shed to get that scruffy old halter (in the drawing above taken from old photo) and ‘wished me luck’ in catching her. The thing was, I easily caught her and led her back and I will never forget their faces! - they couldn’t believe it and this was the start of a wonderful relationship."



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