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International Heritage Horse Association (IHHA) ( is owned by Bucking V Outfit, LLC.
IHHA was formed to promote rare breeds and bloodlines of horses.

IHHA is a cooperate of the
International Livestock Registries (ILR)
herd mgt, registry & genetic database systems
for multi-breed stud and herd books
a subsidiary of Midwest Genetics, LLC., Missouri, USA.

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ILR Registry Database Services
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  • Curly Stockhorse Registry (
    • rare curly stockhorse bloodline preservationrare curly Spanish horse research & preservation
    • rare Patagonia Criollo curly horses published online January ©2020 by Vintage Press, LLC.

  • Curly Stockhorse Preservation Program
    ( founded March 2014 by Vintage Press, LLC.


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Dennis Russell
Midwest Genetics, LLC.
ILR President & CEO
PO Box 118, Butler MO 64730
816-738-4179 (call or text)
Donna Grace
Bucking V Outfit, LLC., circa 1990
ILR Project Development
Maricopa County, Arizona
406-591-6568 (call or text)