Curly Stockhorse Preservation Project

The Curly Stockhorse Preservation Project is a voluntary, informal initiative,
sponsored by and the International Heritage Horse Association

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Ernie & Donna; photo by Sorrel
(Donna Grace and) Ernie Hammrich 1998 ©Sorrel

Mission Statement: The Preservation Project has been an informal initiative to spread awareness of the decline in numbers of a truly wonderful breed / bloodline of horse. The Preservation Project(s) will evolve and change as certain projects goals develop or are met. Participation is enthusiastically welcomed on any level. We do everything we can to encourage help the horses without costing us much money. Money is tight, and we try to barter and get by with trades when and where possible, and still help preserve endangered horses.

Curly Stockhorse Preservation Goals:


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Curly Stockhorse Preservation Program founded March 2014
last updated March 2023; Donna Grace

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The Curly Stockhorse Preservation Project