Curly Horse Unity Survey
April 2013

introduction & instructions

Why? As time goes by, Curly Horse owners have been noticing that policy differences between the Curly Horse registries have become fewer and smaller. Many members wonder if a single unified registry might represent the Curly Horse more professionally than ever before. We wish to ask all Curly Horse owners if they are interested in seeing a merger of existing registries into one unified Curly Horse Registry.

What? In 2012, the ABCR members voted to allow straight and part bred stallions in what was formerly called the closed book and added two new books (BLM curly mustangs, outcrossed curly horses) to their registry. This change means both ICHO and ABCR now offer almost identical registration options for curly horses. With this recent development, members of both registries feel a unified registry would represent the Curly Horse in a more organized, economic, efficient and professional manner. Feeling that this might be a good time to discuss merging ABCR and ICHO into one worldwide registry, some interested individuals created this questionnaire. It leaves plenty of room for your thoughts about this topic!

Where? A unified Curly Horse registry and studbook would represent the Curly Horse in North America and worldwide. The location of this new entity would be in North America, and incorporate Curly Horse registries in other nations, creating a unified presence of the Curly Horse to the international horse industry. Please let us know your thoughts!

Who? PROJECT UNITY. This is a private initiative of a group of like-minded Curly Horse people, interested in finding out if there is substantial interest in a merger of ABCR and CSI and ICHO into one unified Curly Horse Registry. Neither ABCR, CSI nor ICHO nor any other registry [or organizations] are officially involved in this information-seeking project.

FOR QUESTIONS, MORE INFORMATION, or to remain involved in the discussions during implementation, please contact one of us:

Marianne Bornemark,
Angie Gaines,
Caren Schumann,
Donna Grace Vickery,
Janice Voss-Crosby,
Dr. Mitch Wilkinson,
or Dr. Karen Zierler

-- or email all of us at:


1. Please answer the following survey questions and select the choices that most closely fit your opinion. Then you may clarify or add to your response in a commentary box below each part. We are keeping this survey very short and simple, to see if there is enough interest to pursue a merger proposal.

2. EVERYONE SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN THIS. Please help us contact ALL Curly Horse people, and help make sure everyone has an opportunity to share their feedback.

3. DEADLINE: APRIL 7, 2013. This survey and vote will be concluded in thirty days. If this survey and vote indicates that a merger proposal has enough support, we will put the project in motion. You may stay informed or involved by keeping in contact with one of us (see below).

4. ONLY ONE SURVEY & VOTE PER PERSON. Just as every Curly Horse person must be notified and allowed to participate, it is just as necessary that we receive only one final submission from each person. Therefore, we need your signature and registry affiliation below. Your privacy will be respected. We will NOT DISCLOSE any personal information of any kind to anyone. The combined responses and individual answers may be used anonymously only for the purposes of identifying issues and development of this merger project.

5. If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome your public or private correspondence with the sponsors of this project. Our names and contact information are above. We look forward to hearing from you.


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*In order to participate in the survey, please confirm the following statement and add your name. I herewith declare that I agree with the analysis and publication of the results of this survey in an anonymized and aggregated way, which is not excluding the anonymized publication of single statements.

*Please enter your full name here. Your name is only used for the verification that you filled in this survey only one time.

Please enter your email address here if we may contact you for further discussion of your commentary, Thank you!

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