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updated September 24, 2013
Survey Results (.pdf - complete analysis)
      Hello Curly World ~ the Curly Horse Unity Project Group would like to shout out a big *THANK YOU!* to all the participants in the survey we published in April 2013. The response was overwhelming with excellent feedback, which not only included insightful critique, but a wide range of help in the form of suggestions, ideas, hopes, worries, fears, and other emotions.
      As you may be aware, due to membership demand, the separate Curly Horse Registries have evolved over the past decade to become more similar than different, to the point that many members now believe one unified registry would be more credible, efficient, productive and economical for all. We feel that the Curly Horse industry deserves this kind of in-depth look. That is what led to the formation of this Unity Project, and to this survey. We hope that this survey will be the catalyst for a merger.
      We sent the anonymous compiled results of this survey to the Board Members of ABCR and ICHO and CSI, requesting their input for further discussion and consideration.
      If you missed the Curly Horse Registry Unity Survey, and have not had a chance to look it over yet, please check out the links above. We hope that you will enjoy reading through all the sections reflecting the present stance of Curly owners/breeders today. We would like everyone to read over the results of the Survey, with its sincere analyses, summaries, and proposals. The results are anonymous, honest and deserving of your consideration in any future developments to come.

122 Survey participants said...

the main question in the Survey

      Also, for the record, the Survey Results have been posted on many Curly Horse discussion groups on the internet. Most of the discussion and reaction has been positive. Some has been guarded; wary. Some has been negative. Hopefully, the small amount of resistance & fear will be addressed, and worked out to the benefit of all, in a successful merger.
      Once again, thank you all, for your participation, and/or your interest in this project. Now it is up to YOU. If you agree with the vast majority - that a registry merger would be in the best interests of the Curly Horse industry on the whole - do your part today - contact your registry administrators and let them know what you think.
      We will continue to monitor and report on this project, and provide you with any pertinent news and updates here (scroll down). We will also continue to be at your service in any way we can, and will be happy to attend or facilitate communications & plans between current registries for a future merger.
      ~ the Curly Horse Unity Project Group ~ Marianne Bornemark, Angie Gaines, Caren Schumann, Donna Grace Vickery, Janice Voss-Crosby, Dr. Mitch Wilkinson and Dr. Karen Zierler.

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the Curly Horse Unity Project Latest News

Latest Unity Project News - from ABCR direction:

      No official word yet. Members: If you would like to encourage your registry to engage in merger talks, please contact your representative today.

      During ABCR's board members monthly (July) telephone conference meeting Caren Schumann and Angie Gaines presented the outcome of the survey to unite the registries. Each ABCR Board member was emailed a copy of the survey results before the meeting. Our presence at the meeting was to answer any questions and ask that representatives of ABCR board make contact with ICHO board members to determine the next steps in uniting. We explained that the same presentation would be shared with the ICHO Board members during their Annual General Meeting on August 17th via phone conference. We feel positive that this topic is being discussed and everyone is considering the benefits of uniting the two registries. Given the overwhelming desire to see a united registry by the members of the Curly World we are pleased that ABCR board members respect their feelings and are moving towards helping create a united registry for all. ~ Angie Gaines.

Latest Unity Project News - from CSI direction:

      No official word yet. The president has indicated opposition to a merger. Members: If you would like to encourage your registry to engage in merger talks, please contact your representative today.

Latest Unity Project News - from ICHO direction:

      As a member/breeder of ICHO I asked to give a presentation about the responses to the survey about uniting the registries during the ICHO Annual General Meeting via conference call. The results of the survey which have been distributed were emailed to each board member in advance of the conference call. I felt the time was right to ask the board to review the survey and suggested that they, too, put a survey out for ICHO members to share their thoughts about uniting the registries.
      I explained that currently it costs a new member almost $200 to registry a horse and become a member in both ICHO and ABCR (as I and many others currently do) and that the economics alone were reason enough to unite the registries as it would save members money in these less-than-strong economic times.
      I asked that the board consider appointing a few (board members) to join with a few board members from ABCR - along with non-board members of the Curly World to discuss the next steps in merging.
      I mentioned in closing that we (ICHO) ARE member based, and that our members need to be considered and involved as we move forward.
      The response to my presentation was positive overall, and they said they would review the information and get back to me.
      I hope that everyone who is in favor of uniting the registries will contact their ICHO district board member representatives and share their thoughts.

Angie Gaines

contact your local representative now - see below...

ABCR Officers, Board Members, Trustees
President/Registrar Melinda Martino KY 859-356-0749
Vice President Joan Olson NV 775-826-7580
Treasurer Diane Mitchell TX 979-535-4426
Secretary  Sue Davis NV 618-670-4963
DIST. 1: CA, NV, HI, UT, AZ Joan Olson 920-255-0327
DIST. 2: WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, CO Liz Mattke 509-891-9353
DIST. 3: NM, TX, AR, LA, OK Diane Mitchell 979-535-4426
DIST. 4: ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO Alyssa Redvay 618-530-5407
DIST. 5: WI, MI, IL IN, OH Carol Baldwin 231-525-8842
DIST. 6: East Coast 724-253-3925
DIST. 7: AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV Melinda Martino (president)
DIST. 8: AK, CANADA Acting Trustee: Andrea Lavens
DIST. 9: EUROPE, INT'L Caren Schumann Germany
At Large 1: Sue Davis (secretary)
At Large 2: Donna Laroux IN 219-766-3519
At Large 3: Angie Gaines TX 214-794-1776
June 2013: ABCR had 144 (112 regular and 32 life) members.
CSI Officers & Board Members
Elaine Elmer, Founder
Linda Vavrosky, Director ID
No other officer names or contact information was seen on their website.
ICHO Officers & Board Members

Region 1 Sheryl D'Uva Web Manager 509-684-1695
Region 2 Marge Murdock 530-823-3941
Registrar & Region 3 Jackie Richardson, 641-342-6180
Region 3 Janice Voss-Crosby At Large 507-835-5337
Treasurer and Region 4 Donna Hedicke 575-430-5779
President and Region 5 Joan Henning 989-561-2935
Region 5 Sandy Hendrickson At Large, 317-849-0897
Region 6 Terry Schmidt 904-269-2070
Vice President and Region 7 Trish Rosborough 519-925-2545
Region 8 Marianne Bornemark +46(sweden)45162424
Region 8 Lene Jensen
Secretary Bunny Reveglia
Registrar Jackie Richardson

April 2013: ICHO had 184 current members.


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Curly Horse Unity Project

FOR QUESTIONS, MORE INFORMATION, or to become involved in the discussions and possible resulting implementation, please contact one of us: Marianne Bornemark, Angie Gaines, Caren Schumann, Donna Grace Vickery, Janice Voss-Crosby, Dr. Mitch Wilkinson, Dr. Karen Zierler -- or email all of us at:
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