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Genetic Testing for Curly Horses... this report covers all major DNA tests available for all major equine breeds (of North America), because one may find almost any breed in a Curly Horse. Here, you can see which tests are available for which breeds that may be in a Curly Horse's pedigree. Updated 2022.

Is the Curly Horse a BREED... a coat type?... several breeds? (Yes)

Bad Warrior colt in Kansas

  • Dominant curly haired horses are found in several breeds
    (unless/until proven otherwise), all other breeds of Curly Horses are presumed to have unique or novel genetic dominant mutations that cause curly hair — not the KRT25 mutation found here in America, that originated in the Bad Warrior horses and spread to the Damele bloodline.

    possible curly criollo foal
  • Patagonian Curly Criollos of Argentina

    Abricos, the Transbaikal or Zabaikalskaya or
  • Zabaikalskaya or Zabaikal curly horses from steppe region of Transbaikal, Russia...

  • a grand old Lokai horse
  • Lokaiskaya (Lokai) curly horses from Tajikistan (still in existence?)

    curly Mongolian horse?
  • Curly Mongolian ponies (still in existence?)

  • South African dominant curly horses (may be extinct)

Curly Stockhorse Preservation Project
Due to crossbreeding, distinct bloodlines/ types/ breeds of curly horses have become scarce. There are a few breeders who are aware of this issue, and who try to preserve what is left of the few "pure curly stockhorse bloodlines or breeds". It became alarmingly apparent in the dwindling numbers of "pure" curly stock horses. An unofficial preservation initiative began developing around 2014, with collaborative efforts between a few Curly Stockhorse breeders. If you own or know of any breeders who would like to participate on any level, contact the Heritage Horse Association.

There is an international Facebook group formed by Karen Zierler in Austria for Bad Warrior and Curly Stockhorse Preservation. We share a lot of educational information in that group.

Below are a few more webpages with additional historical information and directories for those interested in Curly Stockhorse preservation efforts. These directories may need your participation to add more horses and breeders, so reach out if you have anything to add as far as more horses or breeders:


International Heritage Horse Association (IHHA) (
IHHA was formed to identify & promote rare breeds and bloodlines of horses, and to help educate breeders about how to breed for preservation of rare breeds and endangered bloodlines. Although we register horses by request, our main goal is record-keeping, a database and promoting preservation services. We have no desire to re-invent the wheel or compete where not needed; we only provide registration services for those that ask, who don't register with either ABC or ICHO, who have a breed of heritage horse that does not already have a registry, or who have horses that need registration that are not accepted by other registries. IHHA registrar services are affiliated with the Homestead Cattle Association.

IHHA registration certificate

OTHER LINKS of Interest

Lavender Oil vs. Hair Growth Pharmaceutical: Which One Won?

Trying to grow hair on an extreme horse with alopecia is a familiar subject often cussed and discussed among Bad Warrior and other KRT25 curly horse breeders.

Horse Conformation Evaluation There are five main criteria consider:

  1. balance (arguably the most critical aspect)
  2. structural correctness
  3. way of going
  4. muscling
  5. breed/sex character (also known as type)

When is My Mare Going to Foal? (

When Should I Wean My Foal? (

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